I am a Principal at a hedge fund that specialises in digital assets. We are one of the world's largest in terms of market-maker volume. I handle our DeFi venture investments and special situations strategies alongside portfolio support for 25+ companies. When not obsessing about how to best help our companies, I am looking for the next big thing that currently looks too weird for the traditional investor to put money into. You should write to me if that's you

In past lives - I have run a gaming company, helped with sanitation in government schools and researched smart cities, AI and IoT. Got into crypto-currencies in 2013 trying to build a remittance company. Back then, we used to do lending on Bitcoin. (RIP BTCJam).  Switched to a full-time career in the digital asset space through working with Outlier Ventures as an early stage employee between 2017 to 2020.  I am an early stage advisor with Covalent and Biconomy and actively been building a seed stage portfolio. More recently, I have also been spending time helping DeFi Alliance build their presence in India.

You can reach me at joel@decentralised.co
I may not reply. Please don't take offence if I don't.
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