Clayton Roche on Range Tokens
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Clayton Roche on Range Tokens

Clayton Roche on Range Tokens
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I just wanted to experiment with a new content format. Rackets are like podcasts that can be recorded and published without the heavy editing that goes behind a podcast. They are much smaller (usually ~9 minutes) and focused on a single, small topic. I will be using them to capture quick conversations with members from different protocols to discuss material that may be better shared in an audio format. This is still experimental, so let's see how this evolves. Rackets won't go out as emails to save you the spam.

UMA Project is a synthetic asset issuance layer in the DeFi stack. They allow individuals to create representations of a wide variety of financial instruments without requiring collateral. I had mentioned the use of range tokens in a previous piece and wanted to dig in a little further on who is using them. Clayton  is the CEO at UMA Project. He hopped on to explain the traction they are seeing right now on range tokens.

UMA Project’s Clayton Roche Explains Range Tokens | Racket
UMA Project’s Clayton Roche Explains Range Tokens by @joeljohn

To know more about UMA Project  - check their whitepaper here and join the discord.

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