The Last Reading List You Will Need
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The Last Reading List You Will Need

The Last Reading List You Will Need

Hey there,

TL:DR - I built a reading list with ~350 links, after spending the last few months digging through 3 years of chat logs. Here's the link to it.

I have been diligently going through 10,000 links from 5 prominent chat groups on Telegram to compile a list of some 350 links over the past few months. Why did I do this? Well, I was locked in and ran out of ideas on what to do thanks to the virus. The other bit was that I noticed as the digital asset ecosystem evolves, little work goes into archiving how our thinking about markets, valuations, token-design, and go-to-market strategies have evolved. Keeping this in mind, I traced writings all the way back to 2017 and begin compiling links since the ICO era.

I have spent about 100 hours and 2.5 months iterating, tagging people, and checking links to ensure I could put out the best reading list in existence at this point. Bravado aside, it was an interesting journey down the memory lane to see how telegram group-based communities reacted to the bear market, last year's crash, and the recent rally. Who is this for? It's for the blockchain enthusiast that has been building for the past few years but struggles to find relevant information when they need it. Present-day educational resources within the blockchain realm are focused on expanding the pie. That is, they explain concepts in a simple, effective fashion. But where do you go to upskill yourself or learn about how a project thought through their token design? My obsession with building this list came from wanting to find an answer to that. As newer practitioners enter the space, it becomes important to source and curate information that can accelerate their entry into the industry. For the moment - the vast majority of these articles link to market-related research. In case you want to help build it up further and own a category - drop me an email or just respond to this email. The entire list can be seen in the link below.

The Reading List
This is a compilation of reading links updated once every few days manually. The goal of the list is to create a single resource individual can rely on to get updated on what is going on within the digital asset space. I have spent ~100 hours going through 10,000

I hope to keep the reading list updated once a week. So ideally by Saturday - you have an update on what's happened over the week. Hopefully, this helps you navigate the ever-expanding world of crypto. Use the theme and author tags on the Airtable to look into what is most relevant for you. Let me know in case you have links to add to the reading list. Don't forget to forward this to anyone that could find it useful.

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